Come Tight.

Nobody Works Harder

The oar is the guide’s constant tool, and belies a tireless work ethic; a blue collar approach to a noble profession, exhibited in calloused hands and skin like leather.

For us, it’s not the destination that’s the reward; not the pay check, or the fish count — it’s the smiles, the experience, the adventure, the beauty of doing a job well. We understand that guiding is ultimately about people, and we strive to give you the best experience possible.

Experience Matters

Many outfitters will brag about the number of years their guides have been on the river. This can be an important marker for ability. However, the bigger, and more important takeaway, is what the experience actually speaks of. The guides at Trout Farmer have been working full-time on the Bow River since 1992. This longevity extolls their professionalism, ability, and success. You don’t last long in an industry fraught with a multitude of challenges, without utilizing an arsenal of talents. Our longevity speaks for itself. We don’t survive, we thrive.

No B.S. - Integrity Counts

Trout Farmer is not going to sell you something that you don’t need. We will be honest and forthright with everything concerning your trip: river conditions, expectations, everything. We don’t put any “sizzle on the steak” because we don’t need to. The Bow River is World Class; The Rainbow trout fight hard and the Browns get big. Having said that, the Bow River can be a very hard place to fish. The reward, however, is commensurate with the challenge. The Bow River is famous for large Brown Trout, and they did not get that way from being stupid. Our guides will give you the best chance at experiencing these wonderful fish, but you have to understand that this “ain't no weenie roast”.

Open lines, all the time.

If you have any questions, we will endeavour to answer them. Feel free to call anytime before your trip, or anytime afterwards. No idea is too small, and no question is too great. If you have a specific request, please ask. We get questions on everything from gear selection to dog training advice — from gift ideas to tutorials. Even if you have not booked a trip, and have questions, we look forward to talking with you.

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