“A fragrant soup called wisdom”

Experience is a funny thing: It’s something you get, right after you need it. Trundle together enough moments that imbue experience and you get a fragrant soup called Wisdom.

Trout Farmer is an Outfitting and Guiding Company ladled out of that soup. I’ve spent too much time trying to decide whether to “piss or get off the pot” and eventually my hand was forced, nudged out of complacency. I put forth an idea and built a company that reflects what I hold dear. What I think is important.

The trade and the craft, the skills of “guiding” is a dying art; a noble profession wherein experience cannot be faked or fast tracked. Learning to guide well is a slow burn, and rewards with an immense satisfaction. There is no “B” team here; these guys are all top tier guides whose primary focus is to exercise their trade and craft well. Collectively, we have over 80 years experience of full time guiding on the Bow River.

Our Guides

Quinn Styles

  • Owner / Outfitter / Guide
  • Veteran Bow River guide.  Has guided throughout southern Alberta, and southeastern BC
  • Enjoys bird and big game hunting
  • Willingly owns too many dogs

Kevin Peterson

  • Owner / Outfitter / Guide
  • Veteran Bow River guide
  • Enjoys Upland hunting and bird watching
  • Steelhead guide on the Babine River, Northern BC
  • Owns a Springer Spaniel named Abby

Jason Belanger

  • Guide
  • Enjoys Waterfowl and Upland bird hunting
  • Owns a stud Chocolate Lab named Hatch
  • Lower Bow River Specialist

Darcy Palmer

  • Guide
  • Veteran Bow River guide
  • Enjoys Upland hunting and Bow hunting
  • Boomer is his Springer Spaniel: hard to find a dog in Alberta that has had more pheasants shot over him.

Gavin Stookes

  • Guide
  • Expert on High Mountain streams
  • Enjoys hunting Hungarian Partridge over his dog Ollie
  • Ollie is a Red Labrador

Dan Coledi

  • Bow River Guide

  • Also guides in south eastern BC

  • No dogs yet, but wait until his daughter is older…

  • Dedicated family man and ask him about the Ravens